This is Sarkodie, a Ghanaian musician whose exploits are known internationally.


This is Sarkodie with Tracy, the musician’s ‘Ride Or Die’ kinda girl.


They have both been together since the hustling days. Tracy is the one true bae for ‘The Highest’.

Here are 13 photos of Sarkodie and Tracy Sarkcess that should tell you, be calm, bae will be successful.

1. Sarkodie and Tracy’s first photo way back in 2006


2. This one from the hustling days


3. This before and after photo that will make you tear up???


4. Gradually life improved


5. So they could afford to go to the gym


6. And pose for pictures like this


7. Or this


8. Their selfie game changed too


9. With poses like this


10. Sarkodie can now afford a luxury getaway with his inlaw


11. And throw a classic party for his baby


12. ???


13. Sarkodie and Tracy started from the bottom, now they’re here?