They don’t call her’the night nurse’ for no reason.She is the only Kenyan radio presenter to have won an Emmy award. 

Well, that’s not actually why they call her the night nurse. I just had to start by letting you know that she is an Emmy winner. Tallia got the name ‘night nurse’ several years ago because she used to present late night reggae shows. She still presents one on Thursday night on Homeboyz Radio but she has day shows as well.

For all the numerous years she has been a public figure, Tallia’s looks haven’t changed a bit. In fact, they have gotten even better and we have photos to prove it. Check them out.

1. Black dress…black boots. All set.


2. She’s probably googling “How to reject a man in the gym”……Okay I am just kidding.


3. At Citizen TV studios where she has a show on Saturdays.


4. Funny faces with the one and only guy she should probably convince to go to the gym with her #ShadeMood


5. It’s a reggae affair.


6. Ahem……


7. One last picture with her former car.


8. Cool hair isn’t it?


9. Black and white always looks good.


10.  Nothing much….just staring into space.


11. Pick up the phone baby….I’m in the zone baby.

12. There’s beauty in a good smile.


13. I knew it, Bien just had to appear somewhere.


14. Now listen guys, this is a kind of photo only women are allowed to take okay? 


15. Look at the eyes.


16. Mother and son chilling.


17. Cool dress….cool sneakers.


18. Mafisi hoyeee??


19. Yellow backgrounds always remind me of the Salome video.


20. This girl is on fire. 


21. Okay, I am done.