The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) President Frank Ankobea, is reminding Ghanaians not to let their guards down on vigilance against the coronavirus as some countries have reportedly seen upticks in the daily average number of new COVID-19 cases this week, compared to last week.

According to GMA, the second wave of infections would be a prospect that could derail the successes chalked in dealing with the disease so far.

Speaking on the Happy Morning Show, “the two institutions called on political parties and presidential and parliamentary aspirants to adopt innovative strategies to carry out their campaigns so as to minimise the exposure of the populace to the virus. We are not prophets of doom but we must be very careful and stick to the protocols. The second wave of the virus in Ghana will be unbearable.”

He urged the GPRTU and other transport organisations to enforce the mandatory wearing of face masks and also called on the police to enforce the rules in relation to COVID-19.

“Indeed, many citizens are conducting themselves with a total disregard for the safety protocols. Public transport has almost abandoned the mandatory wearing of masks."

"Gatherings are without appropriate physical distancing including some religious gatherings. Offices, shops, supermarkets, clinics, churches, mosques, no longer maintain the veronica buckets or sanitizers at their entrances.”

“As long as we do not have the vaccine, the only solution now is to observe the protocols,” he advised.