Gilbert Apaabe, a soap-maker based in Navrongo has narrated how SafeNet, Vodafone’s all-inclusive mobile insurance product, came to his rescue after being involved in a motor accident in November, last year.

He explained that the insurance package aided him pay his medical costs and daily expenses after the unfortunate incident. He added that the package brought great relief to him and his family during a period he was hard up and the daily profits accrued from his business was not enough to meet his expenses.

“While pondering how to resolve my predicament, I remembered that I had signed up for SafeNet Insurance with Vodafone. I called MicroEnsure on the day I was discharged from the hospital and I was advised to compile and submit my receipts, which I did. I received payment within 72 hours, which was a surprise. I was elated, knowing that through Vodafone SafeNet insurance I would be able to afford the medications I needed. For me, it was a miracle!” he recalls.

Gilbert thanked Vodafone Ghana for introducing this innovative product and urged Vodafone customers to sign onto the insurance package.

‘’I have since signed up my wife, and have shared the news with neighbours as well. To small business owners like myself, you can’t afford to miss out on a golden opportunity like this! I think we all need to take advantage of the SafeNet Insurance package so that should anything happen, you can have a fallback plan,” he admonished.

SafeNet is Vodafone Ghana’s flagship mobile insurance product. It is borne out of a strategic partnership with MicroEnsure, Prudential Life and Enterprise Life, and is aimed at cushioning customers when unforeseen upheavals come their way. SafeNet offer customers various insurance benefits including hospital cash compensations, accidental injuries and disability cover as well as life insurance.

The product provides simple, easy and convenient insurance options that allow customers to pay as little as 50 Pesewas in monthly insurance premiums.  Customers can access SafeNet by dialing the short code *592# or by sending ‘Yes’ to the short code 592 to activate the offer.’’

Vodafone and MicroEnsure are offering new subscribers free insurance cover for six months, as part of interventions to lessen the burden on customers as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on.

Source: Vodafone Ghana