Opposition New Patriotic Party NPP, has entreated sympathisers not to take the Human Rights Court's dismissal of  suspended party chairman, Paul Afoko's suit as an opportunity to jubilate .

The main opposition party in a press statement has encouraged party faithfuls to fasten their seatbelts ahead of the upcoming general elections and not take the court's ruling on Afoko's case as neither a defeat nor a win for any of the two parties involved.

Mr Afoko's suit challenging his suspension from the NPP was thrown out of court by a Human Rights Court on Monday. Afoko challenged the suspension labelling it as illegal and a breach of the NPP constitution.

However in his ruling, Justice Anthony Yeboah dismissed the suit saying Afoko had not provided enough evidence to support his claims of unlawful dismissal.

The full statement:

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has taken keen note of the decision of the High Court in the case filed by Mr. Paul Afoko against his suspension as National Chairman of the party.

The High Court has held that the decision taken by the party was proper and in accordance with the Party's Constitution and the rule of law. This reaffirms the truism that the NPP is built and governed on the principles of rule of law and equality before the law. No member is above the Constitution of the Party. We are proud of these credentials. There are, however, no winners and losers in this case, as far as we are concerned.

The 2016 battle is about the people of Ghana. It is about the over 70% of Ghanaians worried about the dangerous direction President John Mahama is taking the country. It is about the over 70% of Ghanaians who believe that the President has failed to deliver. It is about his 27% approval rating.

It is about the killing high cost of living. It is about the President's incompetent management of the economy that continues to cripple businesses and cost jobs. It is about the failure, under his leadership, of the real sectors of the economy, industry and agriculture, to perform.

It is about the unprecedented levels of unemployment, especially amongst the youth. It is about the high cost of corruption to the situation of bad roads, lack of access to decent health, sanitation, and education

It is about how insensitive President Mahama has been to the plight of ordinary Ghanaians. Above all, it is also about the formidable leadership and alternative policies that Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP have on offer to get the country working again for every Ghanaian, and not just a privileged few.

For us in the NPP, we are determined to rescue Ghana from the incompetence, corruption and insensitivity of President John Mahama and his NDC. We are united, disciplined, and focused on the 2016 campaign for CHANGE and equally confident of victory come December.

We are fortified by the strong, popular support being manifested towards our presidential candidate in his interactions with Ghanaians across the country.

To our members, let us see the decision of the Court not as an opportunity to jubilate, but rather as another reason to renew our faith in our cause and our commitment to getting all hands on deck. The overwhelming majority of Ghanaians are looking up to us and we will not let them down.

John Boadu
General Secretary, Ag.

By Musah Abelyire/ghanaguardian.com