In the semi-presidential system, there is a Head of State (President) and Head of Government (Prime Minister). The Head of State normally appoints the Prime Minister and the Minister Prime in consultation with the President then appoint Ministers. Examples of semi-presidential systems are France and Russia. Ghana is practising a presidential system with an Executive President- The Powers of Government and Head of State are vested in the President.

Our political history seems to suggest that the Danquah/Busia/Dombo tradition preferred form of government has always been Parliamentary or Cabinet system and it was the case under the Second Republic- Prime Minister Kofi Busia. However, both the framers of the 3RD(1979) and 4th(1992) Republican Constitutions opted for a Presidential system.

Therefore, the NPP should desist from attempting to impose their political philosophy and views on the good people of Ghana through the backdoor. We don’t have a provision in 1992 Constitution which stipulates that the Party that wins the presidential elections must win a majority of the seats in Parliament and automatically forms Majority in Parliament with a De Facto Prime Minister (Majority Leader).

We shall not allow a lame duck or caretaker President to hijack Parliament, especially when he led his party to the worst performance of any political party ever in our country’s history -63 seat majority to Zero.

Alhaji Alhassan Mbalba
NDC- UK/Ireland Chapter