By Musah Abelyire/Sadat Apusiga/

The maligning description of Team Ghana's traditional kente outfits at the opening ceremony of the ongoing Rio Olympic games has sparked the fury of Ghanaians, both in and out the football fraternity. 

Australian news outlet, Sydney Morning Herald's dehumanising description of the 16-member team representing Ghana in Brazil has become an  issue of national concern as Ghanaians continue to express disgust at the words used by the Australian based newspaper in their description of the Ghanaian contingent who dressed to portray their rich culture.

The comments did not go down well with Ghanaians after made a report on how the news outlet described their team.

"Is the Australian newspaper sanctioned by IOC to come out with such bogus assessment?" A member of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana asked.

"What do Australians know about dressing? Stop giving jokers needless attention on your website!" Another sports writer with one of Ghana's leading newspapers Daily Graphic retorted.

Another said: "We won't accept this at all!"

The women were clad in beautiful kente styled skirts and simple white tops to match while the men looked spot on in their kente designed shirts and black trousers.

Ghana's Olympic Team in their kente outits
Ghana's Olympic Team in their kente outits

However, the Australian paper in their assessment, described Ghana as "the worst dressed" of the over 200 countries present at the ceremony.

"Worst dressed Ghana: Ghana are just attending an ugly sweater party? This is not a kitsch house party. While those skirts are very Gucci resort, this ensemble is busier than Pitt St during peak hour"

Ghanaians have suggested that the comments were 'racist' and 'unnecessary'.

The Sydney Morning Herald is however yet to respond to the racist accusations.