Managers of the Senior National team, the Black Stars of Ghana must find ways of rebranding the team to enable it generate income to finance itself, Minister of Finance Seth Terkper has said.

According to him, the team’s expenditure, at the moment, takes a chunk of the government’s budget but explained that the Black Stars could raise money for their activities.

Speaking in an interview with Class 91.3FM, Mr Terkper said: “How can we continue with the branding of the Black Stars so that it can begin to generate its own resources? How can you make the Black Stars brand to be such that its benefit will then percolate to other lesser known sports?

"The budget has a role to play, but we are saying is that what other countries do from the television rights? How do they make the profit? I am not an expert in that field, but I know that in the UK and elsewhere sports is considered to be a social project…financed by the state, so I think we must begin to bring in some of these things.”