Breaking the '8' is more or less the sole target of the NPP in the next general elections aside from the party's enviable transformational agenda.

All efforts towards this Target have either started or about to start.

The quest to break the '8' is undeniably real and achievable but may turn unreal if the foot soldiers of the party are not treated and perceived as 'gods' of the party.

Running up to the 2024 elections, the foot soldiers will be at the centre of being judgemental and taking quick decisions either in the interest of our party or otherwise.

The efforts of the foot soldiers for our party is unmatched; carrying the vision of our party in high esteem and putting so much energy at grass root levels in the sole interest of the party.

The foot soldiers of the NPP if well 'satisfied' in this government will put our party on the side of a wholesome victory come 2024, hence breaking the '8'

Several opinions, open letters and other political write-ups suggest/reveals that a greater number of foot soldiers are 'unsatisfied' with how our party handles them; a problem if true should be looked at and worked on.

My thoughts on well-grounded foot soldiers towards breaking the '8' are that; for the hard work of foot soldiers all these years, the party should give them 'satisfied payments' in this government.

Most party structures and Operations should be decentralized to the grassroots level so as to have 'raw' feedback from foot soldiers and also to have a back to back interactions with the grass root.

The '8' breaking is not just a mere 'talk talk' on social media or spraying flashy flyers with the message, but it is an actionable signal that requires planned efforts to achieve. Efforts that envision the foot soldier as the 'show starter'

Mohammed Azonto

NPP Polling station youth organizer, Tolon constituency.

By Mohammed Azonto