Killing the virus seems to be the predominant sentiment in the technology industry these days, as evidenced by the spate of new offerings ranging from air purifiers to all kinds of ultra-violet sanitisation products. As more offices are gradually opening up, there has been a growing concern over pollution and allergen levels inside buildings. Samsung has debuted a new range of Wind-Free ACs with PM 1.0 filtration capability. Targeted at both B2B and B2C segment, the new ACs can filter dust particles upto 0.3 micron in size and also sterilise virus and bacteria using an electrostatic charger.
There’s a plethora of new technologies in the new line-up of indoor units, designed to provide clean and pure air to homes as well as hospitals, hotels, malls, restaurants and retail among other establishments, said Vipin Agrawal, director, System Air Conditioning Business, Samsung India. Equipped with PM 1.0 filter, the new range of Wi-Fi enabled ACs not only provide clean and breathable air but also come with Samsung’s proprietary Wind-Free cooling technology that delivers cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow. The Wind-Free models leverage a sophisticated detection system with advanced sensors and a display that provides users with precise information about cooling and air quality conditions.

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These ACs are equipped with a 4-step display, a PM 1.0 sensor and three different types of filters. The Pre-Filter tackles large dust particles, the Deodorisation Filter eliminates unpleasant odours and the PM 1.0 Filter has an electrostatic charger to capture and sterilise ultra-fine dust upto 0.3 microns. It then sterilises the virus and bacteria through the electrostatic charger. The PM 1.0 filter is washable and reusable. The sterilisation performance has been certified by British multinational assurance, inspection, product testing, and certification company Intertek. The new range also comes with the option of installing an ioniser that generates active hydrogen and oxygen ions which reduce biological contaminants and reactive oxygen.
The next generation Wi-Fi enabled Wind-Free ACs allow users to operate their air conditioners remotely. The new range of ACs are suitable for residential and commercial applications, and available in three panel variants – 1-way Cassette for unilateral air flow, 4-way Cassette for a synchronised air flow in four directions and 360 Cassette for omni-directional airflow, with prices starting at Rs 90,000 + GST.