Owner and bankroller of Brekum Arsenal, Alhaji Yakubu Moro has apologised to former NC president, Dr Kofi Amoah after accusing him of robbing the Glo- sponsorship deal.

According to Dr Kofi Amoah, he paid $100, 000 dollars to a lawyer who he claims masterminded the payment of a $1m debt owed the football association by telecommunication giants Globacom.

But outspoken Yakubu Moro demanded Kofi Amoah to refund the 10% to the GFA as he accused him of thievery.

After Dr Kofi Amoah returned all the $100,000 to the GFA, Yakubu Moro in a u-turn has made a sincere apology to Dr Kofi Amoah for calling him a thief.

"We expected Dr Kofi Amoah to pay the money, and since he has refund it, I reserve all my comments as we have no issues with him. whatever bad words I told Dr Kofi Amoah he should forgive me and continue his good works." Yakubu said.