A large consignment of arms from Ghana to the United States has been intercepted in Spain by the Spanish custom officers, a report by sputniknews.com reveals.

The    arms,  reported to have been smuggled from Ghana, was intercepted at the Spanish port town of Algeciras in the Cadiz  province,  the Spanish Civil Guard said on Thursday.

"The intercepted consignment consisted of 737 assault rifles of 5.56 mm caliber and 72 grenade launchers" , the civil Guard said in a statement."




According to the Civil Guard,the legal documents accompanying the cargo stated that there were dismantled weapons, which the Spanish authorities established was not the true content and have since referred the case to court.

Ghana's borders have been considerd  one of the most porous in the African  sub region .It is not yet known  who is responsible for the smugglind arms.

The capture of the arms underlines fears that some terrorist groups may have developed networks in Ghana and have taken advantage of the peaceful atmosphere but porous security system  to transfer arm to other countries.

Arms transfers and trafficking remain one of sub-Saharan Africa’s major security problems. Africa continues to have a greater number of armed conflicts more than any other continent.

The  smuggling of the arms from Ghana paints another gloomy picture of  the country's security system and its preparedness to combat crime across its borders.

Both Ghana and the US authorities are yet to comments on the issue.

By Abdul Malik