Real Madrid's talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo currently stands alone as  UEFA Champions League's all time goalscorer with 95 goals to his name, 2 of which coming from the current campaign.

Messi who started this season's campaign 10 goals behind Ronaldo (93-83) is now just 3 goals shy of equaling the Portuguese's goal tally  (95-92) despite playing 22 games less in the competition.

Messi has thus far enjoyed a very stellar group stage showing in this season Champions League competition.

The Argentine wizard is the top scorer in this season's Champions League with 9 goals in just 4 games, 2 of which came yesterday at the expense of Celtic.

Messi's record in the competition stands: 110 games played- 92 goals-and 25 assists.

So the chase is on!Who will be the first to reach 100 goals in the competition? will Messi surpass Cristiano at the end of this season's campaign? or will Ronaldo further strengthen his stand as the competitions most prolific goalscorer? We will certainly be enjoying battle from the fence.

Story by Daraja Mutari/