Incident occurred during the early hours of Tuesday morning when Chris Brown, in a private home with a couple of friends including Kim Kardashian's ex boyfriend Ray J were disturb by the intrusion of an 'uninvited guests'. Theychris were having a nice time and at a point Ray J decided to re-ink himself when some 'uninvited guests' badge inside the house and were asked to leave.At that point,the nice time turns bitter.Among the 'uninvited guests' were one man and two women.One of the women who was asked to leave the premises filed a complain to the police against Chris Brown for allegedly 'pulling' a gun on her.Some one inside the house insisted that, the songwriter was asleep the whole time.At setting point Ray J left the house and when he got to the driveway,an officer busted him and confiscated his BMW.They checked his ID and he was clean and they then release him to go home but kept his car as a piece of evidence.                                                                                                                                                 credit:Mohammed Saalim/twitter @Saalim_Larry