Celebrated Ghanaian musician, Samini, took to his Instagram official page (@Samini_Dagaati) in the early hours of Sunday, January 10, 2015 to introduce to the world, for the first time, his second son, Haile Micaiah Yidaana Gansonye Samini.

Samini posted a picture of him together with two of his kids – his daughter, Yelisung and his second son, Haile, (strapped to his chest while they walked along the Kokrobite Beach). It was obvious the focus on the photo was to introduce his second son, Haile Samini and he posted this caption under the photo from his Instagram page which reads……”#Alhaji1 aka #DadaBaakop3 aka #FatherAbraham aka #FatherOfManyNations aka #MrInternational…beach yesterday with family….UK Wing ?? #DaddyTings #Akyesaaaaaa with Yelisung and introducing to y’all for the first time Haile Micaiah Yidaana Gansonye Samini. #StillCounting ??? shhhhhhhhh #juskno #2016 #hgf #WeAreReadyFiDiRoad”.

So with the introduction of Haile (publicly), that makes it 3 strong boys for Samini (together with his lovely daughters). The 1st son Tafari, 2nd son #Haile and the 3rd son #Kelile who was born on his birthday recently in Canada.

Despite the controversies surrounding Samini’s family and love relationship, he still keeps it real with his family life.

Not many men would have the guts to withstand some of the primitive or negative publications the media has done around Samini and his family. But nonetheless, he has always acted in a matured way and never on any single occasion hit the media back in a harsh way (like some others would do). Anytime he gets questioned about some of those negative stories related to his family, he really finds time to explain himself to the best capacity (to an appreciable understanding that even the respective show hosts – who presumably wanted to put him on the spot or ‘pepper-his-eyes’ with those wild family related issues – rather tend to respect it more after he speaks on his family issues).

Source: xbitgh.com