After going through the pain of miscarriages, pretty actress cum producer, Kafui Danku has been blessed with a baby girl.

Kafui gave birth a couple of weeks ago outside the country and both mother and baby are currently back in Ghana and doing very well.

A visibly excited Kafui told Showbiz last Friday that she is extremely grateful to God for the gift of motherhood and said words cannot express how she feels now.

“It is an exciting feeling and it goes to say that prayers are answered, God gives us what we want at the right time and as the saying goes, He makes all things beautiful in His time,” were the words of Kafui.

When asked if she will love to have more children, this is what she had to say, “Yes, hopefully, I am waiting patiently on God so I will accept whatever God has in store for me.”

According to Kafui, she will be very busy this year with productions but she will be doing more behind-the-scenes stuff as she now has additional responsibilities.

She asked her fans to look up to God in all they do this year, “we believing in God means believing in His timing, I have a lot coming up this year, check out my website for more updates, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous new year.”

Kafui’s ABC Pictures has produced movies like Letters to my Mother, Devil in a dress, Happy Deathday, I Do and Any Other Monday.

She has also featured in movies such as Announcement, The Bachelors, Hotel Babylon, Prince of Tamale, Family Album among a host of others.