Operations Manager of West African Football Academy (WAFA), George Ofosuhene says his side don not care about the form of Kotoko's Brzailian import Fabio Gama.

He says the Brazilian is even terrified about coming to play in Sogalope this weekend.

Kumasi Asante Kotoko will face WAFA in their match day nine clash in the Ghana Premier League in Sogakope a venue the club have struggled to get results in the past.

Going into the game there has been talk about Fabio Gama who dazzled in Kotoko's last game against Liberty Professionals.

"We have 3 results in every football game but I can assure you that we are going to win the match

Gama is even afraid of coming to Sogakope and by hook or crook we will take all the three points" he said in an interview in Ashh FM.

He added that his side is not afraid of Kotoko and are prepared to beat them like they always do.

"We are preparing strongly and if you are a team playing in the Ghana premier league then you should be prepared to meet a team like Kotoko so we are not afraid meeting them at this stage of their form"

"Kotoko is boasting of their past glory and so far as we are all going to use 11 players, we are going to win the match and get all the 3 points" he said.