The internet has been reacting to a video of a couple dancing, goofing and fondling themselves.

The said couple, captured in dreadlocs and in a bizarre state, were seen smoking and feeding TikTok viewers with their moments of fun, both of them in underwear.

The man was spotted in a set of tight briefs which exposed the silhouette of his manhood and was smoking.

His wife, thin in stature, wore a huge white lose pant with a black bra to match, as she wiggled her butt whiles caressing her husband.

However, not too long after the said video went viral, social media users dug out their old pictures which saw the couple in a good-looking, healthy state with their two children.

As details of their past unfolded, some persons suggested the couple were once church owners.

However, their current state, particularly, the whereabouts of their children have since sparked numerous discussions on social media.

Shortly after, the couple spoke to KofiTV, where they admitted to pulling down their church and converting it into a farm.

Stating reasons for such a move, they stated that they weren’t making enough profits from the church, adding, their farm currently fetches them more money.

They also narrated how they gradually lost all their church members and became poor since they could not accrue any church offerings.

“I am still continuing the ministry but this one isn’t about Jesus. I am doing something to be able to feed myself. When I followed him, I didn’t really gain anything from it,” the former pastor said.

“When we hold church service at that time, only few people came and we didn’t make anything out of it. We were making stupid losses. If no member brings offering, you won’t be able to eat. When my husband’s anointing was growing, members were reducing. This farm gives us a lot of profit. I cook a lot of the maize and sell them. If you follow some so-called church, or even Jesus Christ, you won’t gain anything from it,” his wife, Joycelyn, added.

Watch the video below: