Award winning TV Host, Peace Hyde, has shared her success story from how she transitioned from an educationist to one of Africa's finest brains on TV.

The newly appointed Forbes Africa Head of Digital Media and Partnerships/ Correspondent WA, was featured on CNN African Voices where she share on her journey to becoming a leading change maker and a successful media maven.

Peace Hyde, who hasn't abandoned her teaching background is also the founder of an education not for profit called Aim Higher Africa.

She shares her inspirational story from the classroom in the United Kingdom to being one of the most celebrated and respected women in media in Ghana and beyond.

In addition to hosting the hit flagship Forbes Africa TV shows, My Worst Day and Against The Odds with Peace Hyde, which interviews some of the most powerful men and women in the continent on the Pan African business platform CNBC Africa, Peace Hyde also makes time to consistently inspire and empower younger millennials to strive to achieve their fullest potential through mentorship programs.

Watch the full episode below