The Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) is not sure as to the number of teams that will play in the annual preseason tournament organized for top table teams in the 2015/16 Ghana Premier League (GPL).

Last year’s tournament consisted of six teams who partook in the tournament after it was changed from the usual ‘top four’.

After a meeting held in Accra yesterday, a member of the GHALCA Executive Committee, Otuo Acheampong, briefed reporters that, there was no concrete agreement, so the meeting had been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 28.

“All the members were of different opinions. Some suggested top four, others top six and even top eight, though the dominant opinion was the top eight.

“So we finally agreed that all members should write a proposal and present it on Wednesday. Then we sort it out, with the majority opinion having their way,” Mr. Acheampong stated.

But speculations after the meeting suggest that the ‘top eight’ format is likely to be accepted and if accepted, the eight teams will consist of top five premier league clubs, whilst the three newly-promoted clubs from Division One will join them.