Eighty-four children from nine countries, including Kenya and Ghana, have safely arrived back home after attending a Rosatom initiated summer school on the shores of the Black Sea in Turkey.

Over the period of two weeks from the 5th until the 19th of June 2018, the coastline was transformed into the magical city of “Artville”, a unique meeting point where intellectually talented kids from across the globe and their team leaders worked together to make the future of the world better.

Children from Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Vietnam and Bangladesh not only lived together but learned to understand each other and work together, by truly overcoming language and cultural boundaries. With the FIFA World Cup-2018 in full swing in Russia, football was certainly one of the most popular “common languages” and dominated free time occupation in Artville.

The children also had the opportunity to attend one or several of the eight entertainment workshops provided and choose between theatre, dance, street art, animation, landscape gardening, engineering installation, music mixing or photography.

From the first day upon arrival the children were immersed in multilingual educational and entertainment events, staging their own immersive theater performance, curating personal exhibitions, creating educational quests as well as presenting their national cultures to other participants.

The children from Ghana and Kenya excelled in numerous activities including their introduction to “afro dance” at the welcome party. The Kenyan national delegation was also the winner of the Artville Vision Day, having presented a folk song in the Eurovision international music competition.

“As we usually do in Kenya, we get together to create something exciting. Our main idea was to perform a folk song, a beautiful song which we inherited from our ancestors from the very heart of the Eastern Africa. Drums, claps and dancing are part of our national tradition. We put our heart and soul in everything we do and hope and pray to win.
During our performance, my heart went wild, the audience was loud but our hearts were beating even louder. We did our best and we enjoyed our performance.

When Kenya was announced the winner, I was happy! I’m very thankful to the Rosatom team and all the co-fellows for the great smart holidays”.
July Namwaka, participant (Kenya)

“Rosatom International Smart Holydays helps us both, the children and myself as a team leader. Kids are acquiring new skills at the workshops, as for myself I’m learning a lot about the time management and am improving my organizational skills.

Language barriers have been destroyed and different cultures are melting up. ”Rosatom School” teaches the kids to be self-sufficient and independent, and on top of that - creative. Their talents and inner forces are mobilized, kids learn other languages easily. International Smart Holidays teach children to be brave facing the difficulties and to be opened to the others”.

Stephen Asiedu, Team Leader (Ghana)
"Rosatom is very proud to make this unique learning experience available to these talented African youths. We firmly believe that innovative and creative practices like Rosatom School help children to gain confidence and reveals their creative potential," comments Dmitry Shornikov, Chief Executive Officer Rosatom Central and Southern Africa.

About “Rosatom School”:
“Rosatom School” was launched in 2011 and unites 22 Russian cities as well as Rosatom partner countries. The goal of the project is to provide talented young people with cutting-edge educational opportunities regardless of their backgrounds or country of residence.