The head coach of the Cranes of Uganda and an ambassador of Africa Football Milutin Micho Sredejovic says Ghana is endangering their chances of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia with the recent feud between the country's Sports Minister and the Football Association.

Micho who has spent close to 20 years on the Africa continent as a coach and a scout wants Ghanaians to find an amicable solution to the recent bust-up between the two parties in order not to miss out on the 2018 World Cup.

Speaking to, Micho said the tag-of-war between the two bodies has created division among Ghanaians through the media and the team is no more enjoying the spiritual support of the fans.

"Ghana have qualified thrice for the World Cup not because it was an accident but because they have worked hard for it in high spirit of togetherness.

"Now they are endangering themselves by destroying that environment, destroying the spirit, dividing the media and dividing Ghanaians. Some support the Minister and some support the GFA," Micho said.

"I am not in Ghana but I am daily present in Ghana because I read a lot on your football online.

"The feud between the Minister of Sports and the Ghana Football Association is a great disappointment to me to have travelled to this level. I do not believe that there can ever be a problem that can't be solved with both parties sitting together for the way forward," he added.

"As a concerned follower of African football and admirer of Ghana football, I plead with Ghanaians to please stop this fight by amicably settling the feud as their qualification is in danger."

The experienced Serbian trainer alerted Ghanaians that football is their national treasure and must be handled like a diamond.

"Football is the national treasure of Ghanaians and must be handled as a diamond you need to keep in good spirit, in good environment that will continuously make it the national treasure of Ghana," he noted.

Ghana's Sports Minister Hon. Nii Lante Vanderpuye has critically lambasted the Ghana FA and their President Kwesi Nyantakyi with various denigrating remarks as well as talking ill about the local league.

His posture on the Black Stars and the Ghana FA has compelled the Ghana federation to also respond to him on a number of occasions which has created a barrier and a huge tension between the two.