Some Ghanaians living in France have revealed how profitable the business of taxi driving in that country is.

Many of them have been so comfortable living there for over three decades.

Speaking with ZionFelix when the vlogger visited Paris recently, the mostly middle-aged men spoke proudly of the joy they have had since veering into the business.

They also stressed that not even the ravages of the Novel Coronavirus have adversely affected their incomes, although things are generally slower now.

They however explained that the journey to being a certified, independent taxi driver is not as cozy as it appears, particularly for foreign nationals.

“Getting the car is quite a difficult thing. At first, it used to be 250,000 Euros but it’s a little cheaper now. Here, we use really beautiful cars to work.

“The taxi business is not bad; it is quite good. When you start out, you can be with a company for about 4 years until you get enough money to get a car for yourself. But then you pay about 240,000 Euros to acquire the documentation that allows you to be able to operate as a driver, but now, since things are no longer the same, that charge has also reduced averagely,” Nana Yaw Frimpong, who has been in the business for 22 years said in the interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

They also shared how well they make from driving taxis on the streets of Paris (GH¢40,000 a month), so much so that they have been able to relocate their families to the country as well to live with them.

Watch the full video below: