The rate at which people are departing from our homeland for eternity, especially at a young age is
over-alarming and miserable for those left behind. People do not live up to 60 years to enjoy their
pension. This calls for immediate consciousness and conscientious from all and sundry.

We need to be mindful of what is going on in the body and take the necessary action without delay.
Researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Earl Bakken Center for Spirituality and Wellbeing, say
there is the need to listen to your body. Just as you always remember to eat and dress to work, you
must remember to listen to what your body tells you at every moment in time.

Are you tired? You need to take some rest. Take off from work and relax. Do your muscles feel very tight? Do some little stretching or exercise. Is there any pain or abnormality? See your doctor without procrastination.

Are you are diver? Any careless decision you take can send people to their graves and whether you are a believer or not, you will be responsible for the souls of the people on the day of judgement.

Are you a healthcare official? There is the need to carry out your duties with professionalism and care without being over conscious of money.

Do you own a restaurant or sell some foodstuffs? Be mindful that those ‘’abula mu nsuo (well water)”, “oils” and other forms of mixtures you receive from the so-called prophets and pastors who are being spoken of in the Book of Mathew (Matt 7:15) as greedy wolves in sheep’s clothing, may contain some impure and life-threatening materials which can make your fellows fall ill, including
those you love.

Are you a member of Food and Drugs Board Authority? There is the need to show professionalism at work and empathy for Ghanaian citizens without accepting bribes. We need to chase out fake products on the market.

Finally, the government of Ghana must prioritise the wellbeing of all citizens of Ghana and not only the wellbeing of government officials, party members and ‘political classmates’.

By Charles Addai, Finland.