Talk of one Ghanaian female TV presenter who's remain resolute and relevant over the years, and the first name that comes on mind is Gifty Anti.

Even long after leaving the broadcasting house, she is still making impacts with her Standpoint program which focuses on issues affecting women.

Ghana is celebrating its 64th Independence Day today, [March 6] and the veteran journalist has recalled her "proud moments" while working with the State owned broadcaster, GTV.

Gifty Anti took to her Facebook page and shared a memorable picture of herself anchoring the GTV news on the eve of [email protected], some 14 years ago.

"On the eve of Ghana’s 50th Independence Day, I presented the news on GTV." The caption read.

Gifty said she has nothing to lose if someone refers to her as "ancient" for sharing an old picture. To her, she was professional and chalked many successes in her career.

"Call me ancient....but I have had one heck of a professional journey.... chalking many milestones and being part of pioneering and setting the pace!!" She bragged.

"...Reliving proud moments." She said.

In a local palance, Oheneyere Gifty Anti glorified the Lord for the extent He has brought her.

"Awuradze m3 da woas3 na Ay3 bi amam papaaapa." She wrote in Fante.

She jokingly dded: "I think I still have my Ghana at 40 cloth somewhere".