An activist of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Volta Region, Mr Vincent Hodoli, aka Torgodomakpa (Agbonugla), has blamed the poor performance of the party in the last election on the greed among party executives in the region.

According to him, bicycles, motorbikes, T-shirts and other items which should have been distributed to foot soldiers and the grass roots of the party were kept by those executives.

He further alleged that items expected to have been given out in the era of President Atta Mills were still in the custody of some party executives.

Humiliating defeat

“This and other things contributed to the humiliating defeat suffered by the party in the 2016 election,” Mr Hodoli said.

He told the Daily Graphic that historically the Volta Region had been touted as the ‘World Bank’ of the NDC but the 2016 election made nonsense of that assertion.

He, therefore, urged the Dr Kwesi Botchway Committee to diagnose the party’s defeat and not to hand-pick the executives to meet at a hotel for discussions, since nothing would come out of such an engagement.

Proper accounts

Mr Hodoli said the executives should be made to render proper accounts to the support base on how resources allocated for the 2016 campaign were spent.

“We call on ex-President John Dramani Mahama to make the executives render proper account within one month and if that fails we the youth will bring out names of executives who were engaged in shady deals into the public domain and ask them to render account,” he said.