A group affiliated to the New Patriotic Party (NPP), known as the Northern Young Patriots, has demanded the immediate dismissal of the Tamale Teaching Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Prosper Akambong.

 The group’s Chairman, Bashiru Baba at a news conference in Tamale, accused Dr. Akambong of superintending over corruption, nepotism and abuse of human rights of staff.

 He also claimed that Dr. Prosper Akambong has reduced the major referral health facility to a death trap.

 He cited the hospital’s Deputy Director of Human Resource, Misbaw Mohammed and Acting Director of Pharmacy, Hamid Abdulai, as Dr. Akambong’s surrogates who should be relieved of their positions.

 “The CEO, Dr. Prosper Akambong, Misbaw Mohammed and Hamid Abdulai notoriously known as the “Trinity”, are virtually running the day to day activities of the hospital.

 Bashiru Baba served notice of the group’s intention to demonstrate against the TTH CEO if the appointing authority does not dismiss him.

“We are giving the CEO and his two colleagues a- week’s ultimatum to step down, failure to do so, we will advise ourselves.”

He pinpointed the freezing of staff salaries, lack of essential medicines and consumables, partisan recruitment of some paramedical staff and award of contracts to Haskay Company Limited owned by the Acting Director of Pharmacy, Hamid Abdulai, as some of the gross misconduct of the hospital authority.

He revealed that, “Patients are asked to purchase very basic items such as hand gloves, syringes and all items needed for their care, which are supposed to be catered for by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).”

“Another interesting occurrence is the maltreatment of persons by the Trinity. It is said that appointment to the hospital has taken a partisan dimension. Qualified persons perceived to be coming from a certain political party are denied appointment. Temporal staff also perceived to be members of that same political lineage are denied permanent status”, he added.

Bashiru Baba called for forensic audit of the hospital’s accounts and the establishment of a bipartisan committee, to investigate the allegations leveled against the CEO and his surrogates.

By: citifmonline.com/ Ghana