In recent years, self-empowerment and mental wellbeing have become increasingly important as mental health days have started to see an increase and a growing focus is placed on finding ways to reduce your stress and anxiety throughout the day - we’re peddled with all the information for the most well-known approach, exercise, but in tough times such as the ones we’re currently in, so which alternative methods can help you? 

Breathing Exercises - These can be done anywhere, at any time, and for any reason you feel you need to do them - there also many different kinds of breathing exercises from those used by martial artists to those used for relaxation - breathing exercises have been proven to help many to calm the body and to reduce your overall stress level. There are many that doubt the effectiveness of breathing exercises, but those who try it typically find it very beneficial.

Meditation - There are plenty of apps for our phones that can help spur on the many different forms of meditation - from breathing  exercise forms of meditation to sound and visual forms.

These can help you sleep, help you relax, or even just help you disconnect a little - used throughout history and in many different cultures, there can’t be any doubt that meditation does hold its place in promoting good wellbeing.

It may take some time to find the form of meditation that works best for you, but the trial and error may help you discover an easy way for you to relax and unload.

Lucid Dreaming - Possibly one of the more controversial for this list as there are many that don’t believe in this psychic stuff but many have spoken the virtues of being able to control your dreams and to know whether or not you’re dreaming.

There are many that suggest mastering lucid dreaming can help with everyday challenges such as overcoming fears and phobias, solving problems and aiding with important decisions.

It may take some time to learn and whilst there are options out there to have a coach teach you, there are plenty of tools online to help you learn the skill for yourself too.

There are plenty of lists available out there with many others suggesting things that have helped them with reducing their daily stresses and anxieties - from social support and diet, through to yoga and aromatherapy.

The best way to discover which method may be the most helpful to you is to try as many as possible - you may find that you discover a new favourite hobby to pass the time, or that many of the methods suggested help you relax and destress - but as many of us are spending an increased amount of time at home over the past few and the next coming weeks, taking the time to focus on your own self wellbeing may have never been more available in the past than it is now - so spend some time on you, and develop a habit that helps you relax.