Sometimes I wonder when at all will these people in NPP wake up & get out of their coocoos land to smell the coffee. Why always Dr. Bawumia? I ask!

In 2012 election petition, Bawumia was sent to the witness box, and every question thrown at him he responded by saying ‘you and I were not there’,..could you fault him, NO! Why? Unlike the three termed MP, grass-root man like General mosquito who performed at the witness box with a deep understanding of electoral processes. He, Bawumia who has never been a polling station agent and will never be, putting him forward as a star witness in election matters you’re only worrying him.

Fast forward, today, same Bawumia is been pushed to talk about whether to legalize or not to legalize and regulate okada business. Dead on arrival. Why? with all courtesies, as veep he moves in town with despatch rider, right?

This is someone even if he has tasted poverty before, today, they’ve lost touch with the reality on the ground.

Instead of these, govt officials getting down from their high horse they’re as usual dishing it out to anyone who dare criticize to correct their misconception, thinking Ghana is Accra. Even, Accra, there are unmotorable roads dotted everywhere not to talk of the unbearable traffic situations, the main reasons why people opt for okada services. In our hinterlands, hard to reach areas depends only on okada, pragia, Mahama can do as means of transport – why? Could ply unmotorable roads. The services are flexible, reliable, and affordable.

According to the okada riders association PRO, they’ve over 800,000 membership. And, now going to give low lying VW cars to these over 800, 000 okada business operators for hire purchase with lump-sum installment payment – minimum cost of the car we’re told is ghc40, 000. which will have bought 8 okada, one making daily sales of 50ghc, that will have been 400ghc a day, meanwhile a brand new vw may not even make 80ghc sales a day, not to talk of the expensive maintenance, etc.

You could see the disconnect here too – clearly, not well thought through plan. HAHAHA, again ‘you and I were not there!’

Not surprising the okada operators had rejected the sakawa promise from bawuamia>>

Ghanaians can now see clearly whose manifesto is indeed empty in Ghana today!
The NPP had outsourced its manifesto from South Africa which makes it difficult for Ghanaians to relate to it!
In the case of President Mahama he went out on a #Speak out tour because he said the days of sitting in Accra to determine what our people’s needs are at the countrysides are over and gone. Yes, he went out with his manifesto team, engaged all concerned groups, chiefs, opinion leaders, individuals, etc, listened to their needs and concerns.
On that tour Ghanaians told him they want A, B, C, and D,..and he promised them that their needs would be captured and addressed – indeed I am not surprised that the NDC’s manifesto was christened the People’s manifesto.
It was at that #speak out tour where the okada business operators put before him their challenges, that they are always been harassed by the uniform men and women, so for that reasons they are always dodging them, and that is why they don’t respect the traffic regulations, even when they are in traffic and it signals red they don’t stop to dodge been arrested, causing accidents most often.

Then, Mr. Mahama said, yes, others use this same motorbikes for delivery services, and to go to work, etc, so, why cannot we legalize and regulate the commercial part of it. By training the operators, making sure they have insurance cover, so that all those who use this mode of transportation are insured and covered, etc.
Thank you incoming Prez. Mahama

By Azumah Kofi Xornam aka Zumzum