First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo has joined the world in celebrating mothers on the occasion of International Mother’s Day.

In a beautifully penned Facebook  message to Ghanaian mothers, Mrs Akufo-Addo sung praises to mothers for their love, support and their continuous sacrifices for their children.

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“I AM WHO I AM, BECAUSE OF MAMA ” is a common sentiment among Ghanaian children.

And they are right: the stories that follow are stories of bold sacrifices and pain; of mysterious love and investments.

I believe celebrating mothers would never go out of date. After all, there is constant need of their bountiful supply of prayers, even in one’s old age.

A mother’s love , A Mother’s Prayer, A Mother’s Faith, A mother’s Counsel, A Mother’s Touch.
As I reflect on these, one message is clear: We love them, because they first, loved us.

Angels in the shape of mothers - May we continue to thank them, may we continue to love and adore them, may we be like them.

Happy Mothers’ Day!❤️💐