A lot of people may dream of getting married, settling down and having a family, but former beauty queen and single mother of one, Hamamat Montia says that is not always the best thing to do.

In a new Instagram video she posted in response to a question one of her followers laid before her, the African ambassador and melanin skin promoter revealed being divorced has made a happier person than when she was married.

In a lengthy caption, she advised ladies not to get pregnant before marriage and also listen to their parents’ advice.

She wrote”I am happier single than I was married but it is a very tough choice. A choice I will not wish on anyone, especially when there are children involved. Getting pregnant doesn't fix problems. Having children before marriage, changes the dynamics. I can go on and on but believe me when I say your boyfriend does not love you more than your parents. They feel something, something they can't really explain and remember energy doesn't lie. We need to Listen to our parents more. You have the whole world in your hands right now don't drop it because you are blindly in love.”

Source: yen.com.gh