The President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Frank Ankobea has urged government to impose restrictions on Ghana Premier League clubs if they continue to flout COVID-19 restrictions.

Spectators were recently allowed into our various stadiums after clubs were playing matches behind closed doors.

25% of stadium capacity was allowed for clubs to admit fans during games when restriction were relaxed by the government.

Clubs have been found to be flouting the restrictions allowing spectators to converge at crowded places without observing social distancing or wearing of face mask.

Speaking in an interview with Hello FM, the Ghana Medical Association President lamented the disregard for the protocols warning that the conduct of clubs may force government to impose restrictions on spectators at stadiums.

"It's sad how some of the teams are breaching the COVID-19 protocols after that 25% was agreed. Don't we have stadium managers and others who are supposed to check that fans abide by the protocols? Why do you allow them to aggregate at one place with no physical distancing?

They must identify those who were responsible to check that all protocols were observed. Those people must be brought to book before we sanction the teams."

"What we saw was bad and it could increase our COVID-19 cases. It that will be the case, then they will play behind closed doors.

What the Ghana FA has done is fine but they should go further than that. They should identify the people who were responsible to ensure that the fans adhered to the protocols at the stadium,"he concluded.