A gynaecologist has warned Ghanaian women on the dangers of using vagina tightening creams as the demand for the product has risen.

According to Dr. Titus Beyou, the vagina tightening creams on the market are not as effective as it is being claimed adding that these products cause infections and have serious health implications on the women who use them.

His statements comes days after the full controversial video of socialite/model Moesha Buduong on CNN was released where she revealed that most Ghanaian women have adopted the use of vagina tightening creams to keep their men happy.

Moesha disclosed to a totally bewildered Amanpour; “In Ghana, we like to please the men first that is why we use all these things to just make them enjoy the sex; we please our men before we think about ourselves”

“You need to be a freak in the sheet; that’s why I am the favourite mistress,” she added.

In the documentary dubbed Sex and Love Around The World by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, she stated that as a brand ambassador of a vagina tightening cream, she can boldly state that these products sell fast and have been very effective methods of keeping her men.

Debunking her claims, Dr. Titus Beyou who spoke on Accra Based Rainbow Radio explained that claims that such creams and pills were effective in tightening the walls of the vagina were completely false.

He stated that the vagina as it is known is a self-cleaning organ and all that one requires to wash it is plain water and nothing else.

According to him, the majority of yeast infections reported at the hospital were as a result of the use of these tightening creams and products adding that not only did these harmful products cause infections, they also cause infertility as well.

‘’You only need water and not creams or drugs. The use of such creams will only cause infertility and infections in women,’’ he warned.