Lord Paper became a renowned musician in the year 2016 after he released risqué music video for his single, “Ewurama”.

After he gained the attention of Ghanaians with the x-rated music video, he started releasing songs to prove his talent.

Lord Paper in an interview on Radio Univers says the video served it purpose of making him famous. According to him, Ghanaians are beginning to appreciate his talent so he is working with a great deal to prove that he is gifted.

“2016 was my breakthrough because that was when many people noticed me. It was rough from the start but it turned out to be good at the end of the year.

They started watching only the videos without paying attention to my songs but after the “Ewurama”, I’ve not realised any other video because I wanted them to listen to my works and I’ve realised that they have started appreciating my songs.” he said.

He continued that even though he wants to exhibit his talent in the year 2017, he still has explicit videos he will release when Ghanaians do not give him the attention he needs. Lord Paper believes the raunchy videos when released will make the public focus on his career and songs.

“Ghanaians should expect more music from me because I want to show them my talent. I stopped releasing the videos last year but more will be out this year.

Everything will depend on the public because I’ve the songs and I’ve the raunchy videos. If I see that Ghanaians are trying to forget me, then I’ll start releasing the videos because I’ve more videos to release.” Lord Paper told Zionfelix on Radio Univers’ Brunch 2 Lunch entertainment show.

Source: Zionfelix.com