A Parliamentary aspirant in the 2015 New Patriotic Party Parliamentary primary in the Tema East constituency, Ben Ashitey, has hit back at his critics challenging his commitment and credibility in the NPP.

Responding to comments by some constituency executives of Tema East, Mr. Ben Ashitey denied claims that he worked against the NPP’s interest.

He said he is a full card bearing and a committed member of the party who has helped champion the good of the party in the constituency over the years.

“I am a full-time card bearing member of the NPP and under no circumstance have I ever campaigned or influenced a group of persons to vote against the NPP in the run-up to the 2016 elections”

Mr. Ashitey noted that, the issues raised by some of the constituency executives at their press conference are all lies seeking to tarnish his hard earned reputation.

“I have been an NPP member for a very long time and I have worked and supported the party in diverse ways so I am surprised some of the executives have launched an agenda to destroy my image for no apparent reason. During the 2016 election campaign, I together with Titus Glover and the constituency chairman campaigned vigorously to ensure a massive win for the party in the constituency so I don’t get where their sudden hatred and attempt to tarnish my reputation is coming from. I don’t get it? What’s their motivation?

Mr Ashitey in the 2015 NPP Parliamentary Primary contested the incumbent Member of Parliament Titus Glover, where he lost to the incumbent by 49 votes.

“Since my defeat in 2015, I have continually campaigned and worked for the party so it is preposterous for some of my executives to deliberately work against my person.”

Mr Ashitey further stated that, he has no family connection whatsoever with the Greater Accra Regional Minister nominee who’s also the Regional party Chairman, adding that it is a mere coincidence that he has the same surname with him.

On the allegation of him being pushed or imposed on them for the position of MCE for Tema, Mr Ashitey noted that “Yes, I have applied for the top position of MCE, but I did that on my own merit and conviction. I have what our constitution requires for the top job so all I did was to put in my application for the position, and if the party after perusing all applications feels I am the best candidate, I shall gladly serve the party in that capacity and ensure I deliver to the best of my ability”

Mr Ashitey called on the party executives in the constituency to put aside personal sentiments and consider the good of the party and the people of Tema.

“I urge my party people to put aside personal sentiments and address issues head-on, rather than involving personal interest. We are one people with a common vision so why must we tear ourselves apart over who becomes an MCE” he queried

He called on the public to disregard the press conference held by some of the executives saying they are malicious and lack merit.