Mocking and trolling of elderly people in the society has taken a different dimension in this 21st century.

Today, most people who wish to pour insults on people take it to various social media platforms in disguise.

People who are mostly affected include politicians, celebrities and other leaders including the Chieftaincy institution which was deemed respectable and sacred.

However, one celebrity who is also affected by this current development is Ghanaian actor and Filmmaker Prince David Osei but says though people troll him on social media, those insults do not hurt him in any way.

According to him, he has developed thick skin against insults because of the hardship he went through during his youthful days in Accra the nation’s capital.

“I grew up in a though way so I’ve seen it all. That kind of thing built me up so when people beat me or bully me on social media it doesn’t get to me because I have seen it all”, Prince David Osei told Citi TV in an interview on the show Upside Down.

“I grew up in a very tough background where it was all like I wasn’t born with a golden and I have to curve my own spoon”, he added.