A Mona monkey at the Kumasi Zoological Gardens has for the first time in Ghana given birth through a Caesarian Section.

The monkey had to undergo the scissors due to its very narrow birth canal which made it difficult for the Mona monkey to have a normal delivery.

According to Dr Meyir Y. Ziekah, a veterinary doctor at the Zoo, it was the first time they were performing a Caesarian Section on any sort of animal in the country.

He, however, noted that it was a daunting task to undertake since they lacked the equipment to perform such a surgery.

“We had been doing some minor surgeries, but I will say this is our first major surgery. We didn’t have all the right tools and equipment, but we had to save the monkey and its baby. So, with my experience, we managed to use the tools and equipment we had like that,” Dr Ziekah said in an interview monitored by GhanaWeb.

For Dr Ziekah being able to deliver the baby and keep the Mona monkey alive is a huge achievement comparing the situation they are in but he was confident that they would be able to do more of such Caesarian Sections once the renovation at the Kumasi Zoo is completed and furnished with all the necessary equipment.

“As and when we see the challenges, we fix them. As for the logistical constraints, they are everywhere. The place (zoo) is being renovated. When it’s done, we will have all the necessary tools and equipment needed for our work,” he told theghanareport.com.

A Mona monkey is a special breed of monkeys that lives in Western Africa between Ghana and Cameroon.