Are you a lover of hibiscus tea, best known as sobolo? Do you prepare it yourself or you buy from the open market whenever you feel for it? Well, be careful of the products you consume these days, especially when the bottle is not sealed or stamped with an embossed symbol.

A lady has shockingly found a wall gecko in a sobolo drink she bought in town.

According to the Nigerian lady, Faith Akinbinu, she was almost done consuming the drink before she discovered there was a reptile underneath the bottle.

Miss Akinbinu who could not belieave her findings has since taken to social media to educate people who consume such local drinks.

"So today I legit drank my zobo till this point then I saw a wall gecko in my drink. Pleaseeeeeee guys learn to check what you are drinking, pour it into a transparent cup before drinking. Please stay safe", Faith wrote on her Twitter page.

Hibiscus tea (Sobolo drink)

It is made out of rosella leaves, and is called different names in different countries where the drink can be found, but it is generally referred to as Bissap.

Sobolo, often taken when refrigerated, is a cool drink found in many West African countries. It is a dark red-purple coloured juice.

The Burkinabes call it bissap while the Ghanaians, Nigeriens, Burkinabe and Nigerians call it sobolo. It tastes a bit grapey and a little bit like cranberry juice and can be served with mint leaves. It can also be served with any flavouring of one's choice - sometimes with pineapple juice, tea grass, vanilla and many others.