It is not as though some of us didn’t know that John Mahama would stay away from theatricalizing his post-Supreme Court petition loss, we knew he would engage in such empty rhetorics instead of doing the needful.

He should have first and foremost apologized to the teeming supporters of the party whom he misled with falsified information about the party having won the 2020 elections when he knew that he had lost.

He is a walking deception, a trait that has always been part of him. If he were an honest person, he would have apologized to the party members for lying to them.

It was this same John Mahama who told the world and his party members that he had won the 2020 elections but Jean Mensa had declared Akufo-Addo the winner instead.

He and his party’s leadership organized many press events all in their attempts to assure their party members that the party had won the elections but the wills of the electorate were being subverted.

He asked his party members to go on demonstrations while he and his family were enjoying in their various homes. He asked the party members to head to the EC’s premises because he was being cheated.

The supporters, as gullible as they were, paid heed to his words and were sprayed with water when they decided to use a route not approved for them.

Mahama later went to court not to affirm that he had won the elections, he rather said it was a tie and so the Supreme Court should call for a re-run of the elections.

The Supreme Court waited and waited for Mr. Mahama to present his evidence or facts to support his case. He had none. He and his party leadership couldn’t supply a single pink sheet to justify their claims.

He later said that he was in court to challenge the constitutional mandate of the work of the EC Chairperson, whatever that meant.

Later, Mahama said for him to be able to prove his case, he needed to have Jean Mensa cross-examined, something the court said it wasn’t going to allow because the burden of proof lies on the petitioner.

The witnesses who were brought by the petitioner became white elephants as their testimonies were seen as fanciful tales which had no bearing on the matters before the Supreme Court.

It was more than obvious that Mr. Mahama would be thrown out for lack of merit in his petition, it does happen and instead of delivering a statement that would be reconciliatory, he went along the lines of propaganda.

He bellicosely attacked the Supreme Court, heaped vitriol on Jean Mensa and blatantly refused to apologize to his own party members for deceiving them.