Wife of late Soldier, Major Maxwell Adam Mahama has written to Ghanaians on things her husband’s death has taught her about life.

According to her, the death has changed her life and has given her a different perspective about life.

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Time flies! Three years ago, my life changed. Nothing is permanent. No status is permanent. Change happens. Change happened to me, too fast… we don’t know tomorrow… we don’t see into the future…life is a mystery.

Every situation has lessons and we are expected to grow . My grief journey and a few of the many many lessons I’ve learnt.

1)Set your priorities right and stay focused.

2)Decide what is important to you and what is not.

3)Pay attention to the emotions of the children. Create a beautiful environment for them to grow.

4)Take care of yourself because no one will do that for you.

5)Do not fail to make plans for your life because of promises people throw at you. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you).

6)Everyone is busy, no one has the time to babysit you. Pick yourself up and keep moving!

7)Surround yourself with people who give out positive energy . It will help to keep you sane (trust me, the journey is crazy).

8)Don’t lose your voice. Don’t lose your song!

9)Your smiles will irritate some people especially those who never see how you cry in your bed and how you struggle to go through a normal day.

10) Draw strength from God. He is the only constant entity.