The inability to forgive remains one of the central dilemmas in the human experience. It is also one of the most crucial enterprises in which we engage ourselves.

A husband who could not forgive his own wife after she lost his mobile phone has ended up slicing her ear.

The incident happened at Mesaga Village in Serengeti, Tanzania, on Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

Mkami Mwitonyi, 22, was allegedly attacked by her spouse, identified only as Magori, after she lost his mobile phone.

Mkami’s brother, Muhoni Mbusi, told Tanzania’s Global Publishers that his sister and her husband got into an argument after Mkami misplaced Magori’s phone.

“The suspect, thereafter, tied my sister’s hands and suspended her from the roof of the house before cutting off her ears,” said Mbusi.

The victim’s sibling says the suspect even threatened to kill Mkami.

“He asked her to say her final prayer before he kills her,” alleged Mbusi.

The couple’s neighbours heard noises emanating from Magori’s house, and rushed to the scene, where they rescued the victim.

They took Mkami to Nyerere Hospital, where she is still receiving treatment.

The suspect, however, managed to escape from the scene. Police say they are looking for him.