A first kiss can be tricky for guys. There’s always that fear that she might turn her head and push you away.

There’s no worse feeling on planet earth than lunging for a kiss, only to watch a girl make an awkward expression and back her body away from you like you have Ebola. To avoid that,here are some steps you should follow.

1. Make sure the two of you are alone in a private place where no on else can show up. 

Believe it or not, some guys have been denied a kiss because the girl was afraid someone might show up.  In that case, before you even think of kissing, you need to ensure there is total privacy. Forget public kissing. This is Africa and not many girls are used to that. Kissing a girl for the first time is awkward for the first few seconds, until it starts to get perfect. But for that transition to be smooth, you need to avoid any kind of distractions and make her feel comfortable.



2. Don’t ask her if you can kiss her.

Asking a girl if you can kiss her is a signs of weakness. It shows you are afraid.it also shows that you are a man who sin’t so sure of what he wants . And by asking, you only create doubts in her mind. She is more likely to say ‘No’ than ‘yes’.



3. Positioning is key.

Move closer to her around five minutes before you go for the kiss. If you are sitting far away then decide to move in order to kiss, you are going to screw it up.The kiss should come when you are already well positioned and probably holding her hand.



4. Warm up the sexual tension.

Touch her often. Use your finger and run it through her hair or along her arm. Compliment her as you touch her, be it about her hair, her fragrance or her soft skin. If she smiles or blushes when you touch her, it’s a sign she likes what you’re doing. Speak softly in a low tone to eliminate nervousness and avoid any sudden movements. Whisper in her ears, and run your fingers against hers playfully.



5  Make your intentions clear.

Move in close until your face is just inches away from her face. You don’t need to stop talking though just say something, but as you say it, look at her lips, and then back again at her eyes. She’ll know exactly what you’re looking at, and her mind would be racing just as fast as yours is!



6.  Don’t take too long to go for it.

To be clear you should move in closer for the kiss when there’s been a bit of silence for a few seconds. Stop talking and don’t say anything. Just look into her eyes, and run your fingers through her hair. If she just looks back at you without saying anything, that’s the perfect moment you’ve been waiting for!



7. Be gentle.

It’s important to not get carried away and ruin the moment. Don’t go in like you are eating your favorite meal. In my case, it’s kuku. When you kiss a girl for the first time, you need to be very gentle and delicate. Place your lips on hers and kiss her lips softly. Don’t try to use your tongue too early into the kiss. Instead, just relax, and try to enjoy the way her lips feel against yours. You have all the time to try new things later. But for now, just focus on kissing her gently, and don’t get pushy.



8. Don’t be too adventurous too soon.

 During the first kiss, don’t let your hands wander to those other areas too soon into the kiss, or she just stiffen-up or push your hands away. Place your hands on her shoulders or along the sides of her arms, and just move it gently along the sides of her body. Don’t try to move your hands over her breasts or her stomach unless both of you have been kissing for a while. if you take your time, you will eventually get where you want to, but if you hurry it’ll just be a crash and burn situation.