It’s the battle of the beauties ladies and gentlemen. Pick a side.

Miss World Tanzania Diana Edwards has a serious beef with Miss World Kenya Evelyn Njambi who she claims ruined her chances of winning the global Miss World competition.

Here is Miss World Kenya Evelyn Njambi.



And here is Miss World Tanzania Diana Edwards.

Miss world Tanzania

Image: Instagram/ Diana Edwards

Who rocks?

Sasa hapa ‘Team Lightskin’ mkae kando tafadhali. This doesn’t involve you. Go drink some coffee or something. Just keep yourselves busy. Okay? Lol.

Anyway, In an interview with Bongo 5, Diana Edwards claimed that Njambi was the cause of her loss for filing a complaint about her documentary titled ‘Maasai Dondosha Wembe’ which was about a project calling on communities to bring to an end female genital mutilation. Apparently, Evelyn Njambi complained that she also had a similar display and that Diana had copied her. This resulted in Diana’s documentary being placed a distant number 24.

 I am not happy with what she did, I asked her if she knew some Kenyan designer she denied yet she has ever been designed by him. So I wore his design not knowing she has ever worn it and did a photo-shoot with it. All along she was a fake, going behind my back, saying as Africans we have to support each other yet she knew exactly what she was up-to.

Njambi however, insists that Diana did indeed copy her idea without her knowledge. What’s worse is that the two used to be good friends.

The gorgeous Miss World Kenya further added that she shouldn’t be held responsible for her Tanzanian counterpart’s failure since it was the work of judges to dictate the results of a contestant’s performance. In an interview with Citizen’s Edaily, she said.
We have no control over how a judge will dictate your results or your performance. Our work was to do the video, which we did and submitted. So, when we got there to Miss World competition, the judges had already seen them – and we were only waiting for their evaluation reports. So, it is good that both of us had the same project, but I think the most important thing is for us to put our differences aside and come together and face this Beauty with a Purpose project that occurs in both our countries, which is anti-FGM, and which I am very passionate about. So, if we were to come together and rescue them (girls) from the female circumcision that would be great. Yeah. I have forgiven her for the remarks. Sisters fight, sisters make up.

Image: Miss World Kenya

Hmm…it doesn’t look like Diana has any plans to make up with you Njambi. Either way, may you both keep representing Africa in the best way possible.