A total of 440 female footballers have been handed the all clear by the National Sports Authority (NSA) to benefit from the Youth Employment Agency’s Youth in Sports program which will provide the players with a monthly stipend of GHS 500 for six (6) months beginning July, 2020.

The Youth in Sports program is an initiative of the Government of Ghana through the YEA which is providing employment for up 5,000 youth in Ghana.

The program has been immediately extended to the sporting fraternity to help alleviate the financial burdens the COVID-19 outbreak has brought to sports.

The GFA were reportedly allocated 500 slots of beneficiaries which the Executive Council determined should go to the 16 elite women’s football clubs in Ghana, with each team asked to provide a list of 30 footballers to be sponsored by the YEA.

After the vetting of as many as 496 Footballers from the 16 elite Women league clubs, the National Sports Authority approved clearance for 89% of the applicants to receive the allowance for the next six months.

Some players were exempted as already they are benefiting from salaries and payments from the state by virtue of the fact that they work in various security services and other corporate institutions.

Overall 886 athletes made up of men and women have been given the clearance to enjoy from the YEA's financial relief packages from across various disciplines.