The phone that does not need airtime
The phone that does not need airtime

A student in Namibia has invented a phone that does not require a sim card or airtime to make calls.

The boy, Simon Petrus, is a grade 12 student (equivalent of SHS 3) at the Abraham Iyambo Secondary School in the Ohangwena Region of the country.

According to a local news website, he put together the parts from an old television and a telephone and says the invention only uses the radio system. It also has an electric light bulb, a fan and a socket for its charger, attached to the large box it is housed.

The phone is less likely to be in your pocket anytime soon as the product is still very huge.

Simon Petrus has become a household name in the southern African country for his many designs. Last year, the youngster won a gold medal at a national science competition.