As part of the company’s strategy to make good use of cannabis, Roelli Roelli Confectionery, manufacturer of chewing gums and sweets in Switzerland, has launched a new brand of cannabis chewing gum onto the European market.

The new product called Swiss Cannabis Gum is currently making rapid economic growth in Switzerland, Germany and other European nations.

A sugar-free chewing gum, each piece of the Swiss Cannabis Gum contains 5 milligrams of the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) and has an instant cool freshness.

Swiss Cannabis Gum is of high-quality cannabis Sativa-extract (CBD) and obtained from the hemp plant.

It is enriched with antioxidants and selected essential oils for daily care of the natural mouth flora.

Swiss Cannabis Gum also contains Hemp oil, mint oil and Tea essence, which allow the regulation of the bacterial flora present in our mouth, leaving it fresh.

One blister (containing 12 pieces) of Swiss Cannabis Gum is sold for CHF 7.61 (GH¢42.00).

Meanwhile, some prominent personalities in Ghana are also advocating for the legalization of marijuana. To them, the substance, if put into good use, will be a great avenue for socio-economic development in the country.