Nyashinski is really riding high right now. I am pretty sure he didn’t even expect it himself when he came back to Kenya last year. 

The ‘Mungu Pekee’ hitmaker used to be a big star back in the day. Together with Collo, they rocked in the group Kleptomaniacs. But then he left it all and went away to start a new life in the US. Many believed he had committed career suicide. People who had done a similar thing before had come to regret it.

Bamaboo moved to the US for a while too when he was still riding high and when he came back, he tried to relaunch his music career but it didn’t work out. Nyashinski’s case has been different though. Two of the top five songs in Kenya this year are his, and in addition, he is working in Coke Studio and getting shows all over.

To add to his uniqueness, Nyashinski turned his Instagram black and white and it’s amazing. He doesn’t post any color photo at all. It’s all like the New York Times in 1935.

Check out some of his photos.

1. Working with Trey Songz.


2. And then taking a much needed break.


3. Performing with friend and long time collaborator Nameless.


4. Chilling time.


5. I think Yemi Alade should just get married to a Kenyan…she loves Kenya so much.


6. Rocking a crowd.


7. Getting to know Yemi.


8. After an interview at K24.


9. Selfie with the staff at Coke Studio.


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