It is not wrong to say that Korea is the technology giant in the world. With the fastest internet in the world, this country does making its mark in the world.

In the past few decades, South Korea has come to the front with its amazing technology power and entertainment industries. From its beauty products to Korean cuisines, South Korea can be considered as one of the best economical states in the world.

Apart from everything, Koreans are most competing when it comes to sports. They not only love playing sports but also watch them with quite an enhancement.

From local events to events like the Winter Olympics, South Korea has hosted some of the biggest sports events in history. Because of all the above reasons and with many more, foreigners love to visit the country, hence increasing the tourism rate.

Does Tourism have any relation with the Casinos in Korea?

Yes, of course! Tourism plays an essential role in the working casinos in the country, or should we say that these casinos are only working because of tourism and for foreigners. Gambling and casinos are ban in Korea but only for Korean citizens. Because of the high tourism rate, the Korean government has made gambling and casinos legal for foreigners.

That is why if any casino is working in the country that solely depends on the foreigners. Each state of South Korea has one or two casinos for foreigners, and as Jeju island is the most visited spot by the foreigners, it has more casinos and gambling areas.

In the sports events, there are banners and pamphlets to welcome foreigners to the casinos, but it is written on every banner that only foreigners are allowed, and Koreans are banned from it.

Are Korean citizens allowed do gambling?

No, it is not possible for Korean citizens to gambling legally. Not only in Korea, but these citizens are completely banned from joining casinos and doing gambling no matter in which part of the world they are present. The penalty could be severe if the laws are broken, and they get banned from the country. They get punishment and even imprisonment, according to Korean Law.

However, there is one casino in which Koreans can do gambling legally, and that is Kangwon Land Casino. There is a total of 23 casinos across the country, as stated by the World Casino dictionary, but by law, only Kangwon Land Casino allows Koreans to do legal gambling.

This land casino is present in a remote area with roughly 55 miles drives from the metro Politian station of the capital, Seoul.

Online Casinos in the Country

Land Casinos are illegal in the country, and citizens are strictly prohibited from going to land casinos. But the government does not have any rules and regulations on online casinos. Because of this, many online casinos, new or world, had a great number of members joining them. Not only Koreans but foreigners too joined online casinos to play their favorite games.

These online casinos have both categories of playing free online games and real money. Online casinos are the perfect alternative of land casinos for different players, especially the ones with Korean nationality.

With the increasing amount of these online casinos, it is very difficult to choose the best one. One of such famous online casinos is 우리카지노. This woori casino has all the favorite games that players love to play.


Although casinos and gambling are banned in the country, Koreans still have a lot of alternatives in the form of online casinos to do legal gambling. Finding the best online casino is not easy as more members results in more casinos. All of them are great in their own aspects, and each serves according to the need of the customers. Join the best online casino and enjoy the best gambling experience!