It seems we will be seeing quite a number of familiar faces on the new TV Africa. Just recently, Stacy Amoateng left TV3 for TV Africa and the latest to join the folks there is Viasat 1’s Patrice Amegashie. Patrice who until today co-hosted Viasat 1’s This Morning show told Showbiz last Friday that he has left Viasat 1 and will start working at TV Africa from today, November 28.

While there he will be the Head of Programmes as well as do on air stuff. He will also do a few other things aimed at protecting the station as well as see to the business development of TV Africa.

Having been at Viasat 1 since 2012, Patrice said he left for TV Africa because he has new challenges, “I moved on basically because I have new opportunities, new challenges. I love challenges so once the opportunity brought itself, I embraced it, people should watch out for the new TV Africa” he said.

According to Patrice, he felt stale at Viasat 1 though he picked up a lot of experiences, “People don’t appreciate the qualities you have to push the brand to a certain position and project the image of the station.

“After gathering all that experience, one would have thought that you will be made to feel a part of the growth of the station. While at Viasat, I did my Masters in Media Management but nobody was putting me to the test. I believe in challenges so it does not feel good if I am not being challenged, he said.

Elaborating on his stay at Viasat 1, Patrice said he was grateful to God for the experience he has gathered, “I thank God for putting me at Viasat 1, I learnt a lot. There are fantastic people at Viasat 1 but God knows best.”

Talking of fantastic people, probably one that readily comes to mind is his co-host on This Morning, Kokui Selormey. Patrice said breaking the news of his departure to her was not easy considering that the two gel so well.

“I broke the news to her in pieces, I knew I was going to hurt her and hurting her is hurting myself. I thank God for people like Kokui.

”It was like leaving a part of me. I had to think through it, pray over it and talk to a lot of people. It was tough and I am hoping that she will join me at TV Africa,” he said.

“In all of this I believe in prayer. I believe in God and I thank Him for the opportunity at Viasat 1 and all those who gave me advice and were supportive of me.

“I would like to say thanks to Kokui, Anita Erskine, Nana Ekua Adubea Obeng, Ama K Abebrese, Charlotte Gustavson, Laeticia, Levern Engel, Glenn, the most fantastic producer/director I’ve ever worked with, Norbert the chief driver, my fans (the Jigwe Family) as well as those who didn’t believe in me,” he added.

Source: graphicshowbiz