Veteran actress Akofa Edjeani Asiedu has bemoaned the culture where Ghanaians draw enemy lines because they share different political views.

The actress noted that the situation has degenerated to the point where some people don’t patronise goods and services of persons who have opposing political views.

Mrs Asiedu who says she is a victim of this unfortunate development revealed that people have refused to patronise services provided by her restaurant, Fali’s Hot Pot, because of politics.

The veteran actress, who did not disclose the party she supports, speaking in an interview with Joy News said “I run a restaurant at Kanda, already people have tagged me with a political party, so I am already suffering. Members of the other party don’t come and eat at my place because they think I belong to this party. So, I think I am already suffering for that.”

During an in-studio session on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM in May this year, she revealed that acting during her prime wasn’t paying and therefore she had to set up a restaurant to make ends meet.

According to her, she set up the restaurant some 17 years ago to sell food to support her family.

The actress condemned the pettiness in the country’s politics and urged that Ghanaians should learn to tolerate and accept the political views of others.

“People take it [politics] personal. It’s not war and you don’t have to fight. You can have a husband and a wife, with the wife belonging to party A and the husband to party B but you have to live peacefully… it's not something you should die for,” she said.

The actress is not the first entertainment personalities to have alleged that they have suffered a similar fate.

Some actors, including Clement Bonney popularly known as Mr Beautiful and Henry Harding, known in showbiz as Pattington Papa Nii Papafio, have alleged that they have been denied roles or lost jobs because of their party affiliations.

Source: myjoyonline